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2010 Harvest Recap 
Posted by {Ryan Clark } in Blog

We’re currently 80% in barrel and will be barreling the remaining lots that are finishing fermentation throughout the next couple of days. A thirty-six thousand foot harvest wrap up is in order, and I turn that over to Andy, who jotted this little bird’s eye view of the 2010 vintage.

Dan Petroski, Associate Winemaker

‘Form is temporary, class is permanent’

This nice little quote encapsulates my feeling toward the 2010 growing season. As our final vineyard lots find their way to barrel we can reflect on a growing season that presented a series of challenges (don't they always though?). The coolest summer for 40 years; a couple of ill-timed heat-spikes; early fall rains...take your pick. What is clear though, even at this early stage, is that the Larkmead Estate was up to the challenge. By implementing precise farming and harvesting decisions, we were ahead of the game all season and now find ourselves tasting some beautifully aromatic, pure and concentrated young wines, reminiscent of 2001 and 2007, that we will carefully blend over the next eighteen months into some ultimately memorable Larkmead bottlings. So here's a final piece of prudent wine buying advice... follow the vineyard, not the vintage.

Andy Smith, Winemaker

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