Larkmead Vineyards

At Larkmead we are dedicated to sustainable farming, utilizing the best viticultural management practices. Over the past two years we have moved toward organic farming as much as it is applicable to our unique site that acts like a hillside vineyard.

Napa Green Certified Winery

The winemaking and tasting room facility at Larkmead is designed as an efficient and effective workplace. Since opening our doors in 2005/6 the staff at Larkmead has always been conscientious in our approach to our space and the environment around us. It has been paramount to us to respect our land, our community, our past, our present and our future. We've taken quiet, but deliberate steps to accomplish our goals; from sustainable farming and water conservation to supporting energy efficiency by giving back 30% of our energy to the Napa County grid through our Solar panel installation and supporting Pacific Gas & Electric's Climate Smart program that makes Larkmead a Carbon Neutral energy consumer.

Napa Green Winery

These efforts were recognized during an inspection of our facility on July 27th. And we are proud to say that we were informed by the Napa Valley Department of Environmental Management and the Association of Bay Area Government's Green Business program, Larkmead has been recognized as a "Napa Green Certified Winery."

The mission statement for the program is in line with our business philosophy - "to implement beneficial and verifiable environmental practices through; preserving and enhancing the environment of the Napa Valley, demonstrating a commitment to our community, and providing leadership for the wine industry."


In 1998, Larkmead began efforts to restore parts of the Napa River and Selby Creek running through its lands and to eliminate the habitat for the blue-green sharpshooter which is the vector for the Pierce's Disease. Extensive erosion required a full-scale restoration project.

Ann Baker, with a Masters Degree in landscape architecture, led this effort, and today, after six years of effort and significant expense, biotechnical (natural, plant intensive) slope protection measures have been installed. We have removed invasive non-native vegetation, and planted diverse native plants on the Napa River and Selby Creek banks. This effort has been aided by the expertise of Evan Engber of Bioengineering Associates, Kelly Ginn at the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Lara Hadhazi at the Resource Conservation District, and Chris Sauer at the California Conservation Corps. Our current big project is joining with neighbors, and beginning a larger restoration of the Selby Creek watershed, which sustains one of the last wild Steelhead trout runs in the Upper Napa Valley.

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