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2010 Harvest Complete 
Posted by {Ryan Clark } in Blog

Larkmead finished harvesting our last fruit on Thursday, October 21 (Cabernet from Block C-11).

We were not afraid of the rain we had this past weekend (a whopping 4 inches from Saturday to Sunday) as our fruit was scheduled to pick prior to the forecast. It seems each year, our picking schedule, falls outside of the norm in Napa Valley and we can credit that to two factors – (1) our vineyard is in a unique, warm and distinctive microclimate that offers early maturity on the vine even in cool years and (2) our style of winemaking skews towards capturing the essence of our vineyard site in all its elegance and purity. That being said, we are very fortunate to have had a great year. In the cellar we are very pleased with what the vintage has offered us with regards to the variety of wine styles – from elegant and soft to power and structure. As we all know and believe, the beauty of Larkmead is not in a singular parcel of land, the beauty is in the sum of its parts.

This week we will work with a number of fermentations that are going dry (finishing primary fermentation) and we will be draining and pressing the lots and prepping them for secondary fermentation (maloactic) in barrel. And the last couple of lots that we harvested last week are just about to begin fermentation, so we will be at it for another couple of weeks.

Dan Petroski, Associate Winemaker

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